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Beauty & Personal Care
Beauty & Personal Care

Understanding and anticipating trends in a market undergoing radical change
Beauty and personal care marketing studies



Faced with civil society undergoing significant change, the cosmetics and hygiene-beauty industry has had to reinvent itself over the past few years. To gain a better understanding of this change, Enov assists you with your Beauty and Well-being marketing studies, backed by our industry experts who are specialists in dealing with the challenges you face.

Our team offers you tailor-made, innovative, and possibly iterative, immersive, agile and hybrid approaches, amongst others.



  • Testing and approving company innovations: product / concept / range
  • Evaluating the performance and sensory characteristics of your products
  • Co-creating with, and for your consumers by linking them to the development of company products / concepts / ranges
  • Integrating micro-targets to rise to the challenges you face (bolstered niche and/or consumer markets, influencers, etc.)
  • Gaining a better understanding of current and future market trends
  • Gaining a better understanding of the needs and expectations of your consumers in the face of strong trends (naturalness, digitisation)
  • Identifying the various touch points along the user journey and / or customer journey of your consumers



Market & Customer Intelligence
  • Online Communities
  • Market knowledge and structure studies
  • Usage & Attitude (U&A)
  • User journey
  • Pack or Product Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Trade off, price-testing
  • Online Communities
  • Design Thinking
Customer eXperience
  • Online Communities
  • Customer satisfaction barometer
  • Omni-channel customer journey study
  • Customer Feedback Management (CFM)
  • Web & Social Media Listening
  • Workshops & focus group
Brand & Communications
  • Online Communities
  • Brand Health Tracking (BHT)
  • Reputation and e-reputation management
  • Copy testing (pre and post launch)


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