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Understanding today’s mobility and building that of tomorrow
Automotive industry marketing studies



The automotive industry is booming, with the question of future mobility on everyone’s lips. To gain a better understanding of the changes at play, Enov assists you with automotive industry marketing studies, backed by our industry experts who are specialists in dealing with the challenges you face.

Our dedicated team with industry and methodology-related expertise is ready to assist you, offering you tailor-made, innovative, and possibly iterative, immersive, agile and hybrid approaches, amongst others.



  • Studying consumers’ mobility solutions against a backdrop of multimodal transport and the problem of “the last mile”
  • Defining the future of the car: purchasing, leasing or a completely different model
  • Understanding the challenges faced with the self-driving car: impact on the occupants’ experience
  • Assessing the impact of regulations (for example: Euro 6D, city centre restrictions) on purchasing
  • Measuring customer satisfaction levels at dealerships
  • Assessing driving and occupant experience conditions in cars
  • Ensuring a digital experience aligned with the calibre of the product itself (built-in apps, brand and customer relations app, UX and CX issues)
  • Understanding the role smartphones play in the driving (built-in, mirroring, etc.) and mobility experiences
  • Redesigning your mid-life vehicle model as part of an improvement process



Market & Customer Intelligence
  • Online Communities
  • Market knowledge and structure studies
  • Usage & Attitude (U&A)
  • Segmentation
  • Online Communities
  • Design Thinking
  • Concept Testing
  • Offer or Service Optimization
  • UX Testing
  • Prototype testing
Customer eXperience
  • Online Communities
  • Customer satisfaction barometer
  • Omni-channel customer journey study
  • Customer Feedback Management (CFM)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Web & Social Media Listening
  • Workshops & focus group
Brand & Communications
  • Online Communities
  • Brand Health Tracking (BHT)
  • Reputation and e-reputation management
  • Copy testing (pre and post launch)


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