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Banking, Finance and Insurance
Banking, Finance and Insurance

Streamlining the banking and insurance industries of the future
Banking-insurance-finance marketing studies



As is the case with many different industries post the digital revolution, the banking-insurance industry has had no choice but to reinvent its business model entirely. To gain a better understanding of this change, Enov assists you in conducting Banking-Insurance-Finance marketing studies, backed by our industry experts who are specialists in dealing with the challenges you face.

Our team will offer you tailor-made, innovative, and possibly iterative, immersive, agile and hybrid approaches, amongst others.



  • Understanding / identifying the impact of the implementation of new regulations (allowing you to offer better support)
  • Gaining loyalty, and (re)creating attachment to the brand
  • Implementing a comprehensive system for managing customer feedback: BtoC and BtoB, Company-facing, Internal
  • Identifying expectations in terms of your services and offers for the various target audiences and understanding their concerns
  • Defining the business model of your offer / identifying the potential of your offer / service
  • Defining the content and design for your future offer
  • Evaluating the uptake and impact of digital tools in customer relations, from advisor / employee and customer points of view
  • Testing the relevance / comprehensiveness / fluidity of digital tools and channels
  • Encouraging account holders to diversify and manage the placement of their funds / investments more closely (become more involved in the selection and management of saving solutions)



Market & Customer Intelligence
  • Online Communities
  • Market knowledge and structure studies
  • Usage & Attitude (U&A)
  • Segmentation
  • Online Communities
  • Online Communities
  • Concept Testing
  • Offer or Service Optimization
  • Product Testing
  • UX Testing
  • Trade off, price-testing
Customer eXperience
  • Online Communities
  • Customer satisfaction barometer
  • Omni-channel customer journey study
  • Customer Feedback Management (CFM)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Web & Social Media Listening
  • Workshops & focus group
Brand & Communications
  • Online Communities
  • Brand Health Tracking (BHT)
  • Reputation and e-reputation management
  • Copy testing (pre and post launch)


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