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Brand & Communications
Brand & Communications

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In the modern era of transparency (active or passive), how can you find an authentic way to communicate?

As a brand expert, Enov can offer support with the challenges you face in terms of advertising and brand performance. Our industry experts offer you tailor-made tools by developing with you innovative, agile study designs that may take on iterative, immersive or hybrid forms, amongst others.


  • Developing new brand territories
  • Evaluating the digital positioning of your brand
  • Tracking the health of your brand
  • Evaluating the 360° performance of your campaigns (making memorable, understanding, presentation, call to action power, etc.)
  • Evaluating and managing your reputation / e-reputation
  • Measuring the emotional impact of your advertising
  • Managing the advertising performance of marketing campaigns continuously over the year


Brand & Communications

  • Online Communities
  • Brand Health Tracking (BHT)
  • Reputation and e-reputation management
  • Copy testing (pre and post launch)
Market & Customer Intelligence
  • Online Communities
  • Market knowledge and structure studies
  • Usage & Attitude (U&A)
  • Segmentation
Customer eXperience
  • Online Communities
  • Design Thinking
  • Concept Testing
  • Offer or Service Optimization
  • Pack or Product Testing
  • UX Testing
  • Trade off, price-testing
  • Online Communities
  • Customer satisfaction barometer
  • Omni-channel customer journey study
  • Shopper research
  • Customer Feedback Management (CFM)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Web & Social Media Listening
  • Workshops & focus group

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